Different messages - different organisations - quick results SEB, Vodafone, Somerfield, Peugeout Express Fit, Husqvarna all grew their ambitions trough OPC

Different messages - different organisations, all with the same need to quickly create commitment around an important issue

The SEB Bank Group - SEB Licence
As a part of the bank’s 150th anniversary the OPC specialists created a knowledge transferal workshop reaching all 20.000 employees in 14 countries. The 6 different divisions each has a specially adapted version and the workshop has been produced in 10 different languages.

Vodafone (UK) - Innovation and improvement
The OPC Process® is used to implement a method for continual reviewing of team performance and driving process as well as customer experience improvements. The programme encourges participants to keep finding better ways of doing things.

Lärarförbundet and Kommunal - Quality in the pre-school
The Swedish Teachers’ union and the Municipal Workers’ union wanted a meeting place for ove 30,000 members enabling them to discuss a new law proposed by the government and create an understanding of the members respective roles within the pre-school.

Husqvarna - A worldwide brand implementation
Husqvarna, a member of the Electrolux Group, has taken The OPC Process® worldwide. The objective was to spread the company's Brand Promise among 50,000 people, in 31 different languages.

SEB Merchant Banking - Implementing core values with impact
A division in one of the largest Nordic banks used The OPC Process® to introduce and implement core values to all their management and staff in several different countries. The process allowed the 2500 employees to get to know, understand and transform the core values into practical reality in their daily life.

Peugeot Express Fit - Involving all staff in adding value to customer relations
The OPC Process® was used to give all employees in the UK an opportunity to share views and directly affect levels of customer satisfaction with Express Fit. The process also allowed employees to understand and incorporate the three important Express Fit core values into their daily working life.

Somerfield Stores Ltd - Introducing management guiding principles and lifting performance
At Somerfield/Kwik Save The OPC Process® was used to introduce 8,000 managers to a new set of company behaviours through a programme called "Lifting Performance". Somerfield is using "Lifting Performance" as an approach to help staff understand their contribution to business strategy and objectives, whilst receiving feedback and coaching for self-improvement and development.

Kommunal, the largest Swedish trade union
This project included the guidance of a values-oriented discussion, in order to provide Kommunal´s national congress with a guideline for strategic orientation. This also also gave a springboard for further personal and workplace- related development for the union members. Together, the internal trainers facilitated nearly 35,000 people in workshops with up to 100 participants at the time. In total, the material and the process was designed to cascade and reach up to 400,000 people through local training.

SAS (Scandinavian Airlines)
The objective was to improve communication, sharing of ideas and participation from the SAS pilots. The OPC programme involved 1500 pilots from Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Many pilots have identified the programme as the most valuable way to share information, views, ideas and issues.

Volvo Power Train
The company wanted to implement a vision of "the accident-free company". Through 2-hour workshops, over 2300 personnel gained a commitment for reporting near accidents. In some units the reporting improved with more than 50%.

SAAB Training Systems
The OPC Process® was used for implementation of a strategic environmental policy (ISO 14001) in an effective format.
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